Your Local Coventry Accountant


Parkside Accountancy recognises that whilst some clients wish to prepare their own books of account, many clients find the demands of running a business in todays world a "full time job".  They choose to spend their time doing what they do best, and leave the book-keeping side to the professional.

Alan therefore offers a unique Book-Keeping Service.

What You Do:

  • Each week or month you supply us with your invoices, receipts, bank statements etc.

What Alan Does:

Enters the transactions into a computerised system which each month will provide you with:

  • A detailed printout listing every transaction for the month.
  • Summary statements showing the monthly totals of each income and expenditure category of your business.
  • VAT printouts which will show your VAT liability for the month.
  • At each quarter end he completes your VAT Return.
  • At each year end he prepares your financial accounts and submit these to the Revenue and Customs on your behalf.
  • Carry out any necessary correspondence with the Revenue and Customs, including completion of your Self-Assessment Tax Return Form.


To summarise you get complete peace of mind knowing that your financial affairs are being dealt with correctly.


From as little as £25 per week.

Please contact Alan for your free "no obligation" quote.