Parkside Accountancy makes every effort to keep their clients informed.  If you have a query, please email Alan at  and your query will be include below.

  • My business doesn't appear to be in your "catchment area" - does that matter?

Not necessarily, I find that with modern communication technology, distance is not a problem.  Be assured that you will feel that your accountant is "just round the corner".

  • If I contact you for a quote, will I get any "hard sell?"

Definitely not.  I will only accept clients where I am confident that I can supply the very best of service.

  • Would it be possible for me to submit information by post, email and fax etc ?

Most definitely yes, I have a number of clients posting their invoices, bank statements to me by recorded delivery - I do the rest.

  • Can I spread the cost of my annual accountancy fee monthly?

I encourage my clients to do this - a monthly bank standing order is often the best option for my clients.

  • Do you charge for the initial meeting?

No never.

  • I have not started trading yet - do I wait until my first VAT Return is due, or do I contact you now?

The sooner we meet the better - let me get the accountancy side of your business off to the best possible start.

  • Will it cause problems if I change accountants?

No, not at all.  I will make the necessary communication with your present accountant and obtain all of the information that I require.  I will also notify the Revenue and Customs that your accountants have changed - the whole process will run smoothly.

  • I am unable to attend your premises during business hours - is this a problem?

No, meetings can be conducted at your home or place of business.

  • What I really need is for a book-keeper to visit me for a few hours each week to keep my paperwork under control.

That is not a problem - up to date records are vital to enable you to take the right business decisions, at the right time.